Our focus is on integrated development of your :

  • Markets
  • Products and services
  • Marketing communications
  • VOC and satisfaction management processes.

AMRD also provides ad hoc project support. Even when “pitching-in” on a project basis we maintain a big picture perspective and never lose track of your strategic goals. This minimizes start-up time, maximizes our effectiveness, and assures that our work closely dovetails with other efforts.


To achieve your goals, AMRD deploys a broad variety of qualitative and quantitative tools from the fields of Marketing Research, Product/Service Development, and Quality.

Examples include:

  • Voice of the Customer (VOC), Voice of the Business (VOB), Voice of the Process, Voice of the Employee, and Voice of the Supply Chain
  • In-depth central location and on-site interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Product development and positioning panels
  • Surveys
  • Customer segmentation and persona development
  • Market and competitor profiling
  • Quality and strategic planning tools